Ultimate Farm Simulator
Ultimate Dog Simulator
Ultimate Cat Simulator
Ultimate Wolf Simulator
Ultimate Forest Simulator
Ultimate Arctic Simulator
Ultimate Ocean Simulator
Ultimate Bird Simulator
Ultimate Fox Simulator
Ultimate Jungle Simulator
Ultimate Savanna Simulator
Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator
Ultimate Dragon Simulator
Ultimate Shark Simulator
Ultimate Lion Simulator
Ultimate Horse Simulator
Stray Cat Simulator
Stray Dog Simulator
Safari Simulator: Lion
Wildlife Simulator: Wolf
Wildlife Simulator: Crocodile
Scorpion Simulator
Wild Horse Simulator
Elephant Simulator
Dolphin Simulator
Sabertooth Tiger Simulator
Polar Bear Simulator
Orca Simulator
Hyena Simulator
Falcon Simulator
Wildlife Simulator: Shark
Fox Simulator
Eagle Simulator
Tiger Simulator
Jurassic Life: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Jurassic Life: Velociraptor
World of Dragons
Wildlife Simulator: Bear
Cheetah Simulator
Snake Simulator
Griffin Simulator
Snow Leopard Simulator
Owl Simulator
Panther Simulator

Welcome to Gluten Free Games!

We Love Animals!

One of our favorite things to do is make animals games! From our dearly loved Virtual Pets to our highly praised Animal Simulators we are constantly trying to bring you new ways to experience the animals you love!

We Love Everyone!

We are as big of fans of action as anyone. And while we love pouncing on zebras as a tiger,we want everyone to be able to pounce with us. So that everyone can play, we default to no blood or gore in our games, but some do have the option to turn it on in the settings.

We Love Feedback!

Have questions, comments, or concerns? We love to hear from our customers and are constantly incorporating suggestions from our fans. Email or message us on Facebook and you can be sure you’ll hear back from us!